Every Sunday there will be services as follows:


9.30am      -  Live stream for Haslington and Crewe Green Further details.


10.45am     -  Live stream for Christ Church Further details.


7.00pm      -  Prayers of Hope – published on Facebook



10.00am    -  ‘Your Song for the Week’ – Your favourite hymns + a short  intro from a congregation member

                    Link - https://www.hcganglican.org/song-for-the-week


7.00pm    - United Benefice service of Evensong by telephone – for details of how to join -


                PLEASE check with your phone provider that 03 numbers are included in your tariff to avoid extra



9.00am   - Morning Prayer on Zoom. For details of the Link  www.contact.christchurchwheelock@gmail.com">www.contact.christchurchwheelock@gmail.com




7.30pm    - Bible Study on Zoom.  For details of the Link www.contact.christchurchwheelock@gmail.com">www.contact.christchurchwheelock@gmail.com



Rogation Sunday Worship at 4.30pm (17th May) – posting of a Reflection for that special day.  Further details.

‘Stations of the Resurrection’ - Vicar Jane's reflections on the stations of the resurrection - Further details.

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ – covers the 11 days between Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday – Further details.

'Fruits of the Spirit' - Vicar Jane's and members of the congregation's reflections on the fruits of the spirit - Further details.