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St. Matthew & St. Michael's


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Christ Church


Good morning people of God, I hope you've been enjoying this sunny weather.

 Please note that the visitation service, for all those elected as churchwardens and sidespeople, is at St Chad's, Wynbunbury, 1st June at 7.30 pm.


This Sunday, as part of "Thy Kingdom Come" we take-up the Archbishop of Canterbury's invitation to pray for 5 people, from amongst our friends, family and colleagues, to come to know Jesus. Please pray for 5 people and the mission of our churches.


I'm beginning an Alpha course on Thursday 8th June, 7.00pm meeting at the cafe area at Christ Church, Wheelock. The course format is a video and discussion, with a meal, and provides a good foundation for Christian faith and living as God's children, with plenty of space for asking questions. If you plan to come, please invite someone to come with you, preferably someone who is wanting to explore Christianity. I'll provide a buffet meal to share before we watch the video.


25th June Sunday there is lunch at Crewe Golf Club, 12.00 noon for 12.30pm. Please contact Viv at St Matthew's if you'd like to come, everyone is welcome. Please give Viv your £5 deposit and choose your meal from the menu options.

With very blessing

Vicar Jane xx

Our Churches are Now Open 

**St. Matthew's is open for the Sunday Morning service at 9:30am

also live streamed

Wednesday Morning at 10:45am for Holy Communion (BCP), **

**Christ Church is open for the Sunday Morning service and live streaming at 10:45am**

 **St. Michael's is open for the Sunday Morning service at 11:00am

Wednesday Morning at 9:45am for Holy Communion**

Wednesday Holy Communion takes place at St. Michael's at 9:45am and St Matthew's (BCP) at 10:45am


                              St Matthew's                                                  Christ Church                                                  St Michael's


1st Sunday      9:30am:  Holy Communion                         10:45am:  Family Service                               11:00am:  Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday     9:30am:  Morning Prayer                           10:45am:  Morning Prayer                               11:00am:  Holy Communion


3rd Sunday     9:30am:  Holy Communion                         10:45am: Family Communion                          11:00am:  Morning Prayer

4th Sunday     9:30am:  Morning Prayer                            10:45am:  Morning Prayer                               11:00am:  Holy Communion

                                                                                        4:30pm:  Evensong

5th Sunday                                                                  10:30 Joint Benefice Service

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