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St. Matthew & St. Michael's


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Christ Church


Our Churches are Now Open 

**St. Matthew's is open for the Sunday Morning service at 9:30am

also live streamed

Wednesday Morning at 10:45am for Holy Communion (BCP), **

**Christ Church is open for the Sunday Morning service and live streaming at 10:45am**

 **St. Michael's is open for the Sunday Morning service at 11:00am

Wednesday Morning at 9:45am for Holy Communion**

Wednesday Holy Communion takes place at St. Michael's at 9:45am and St Matthew's (BCP) at 10:45am


                              St Matthew's                                                  Christ Church                                                  St Michael's


1st Sunday      9:30am:  Holy Communion                         10:45am:  Family Service                               11:00am:  Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday     9:30am:  Morning Prayer                           10:45am:  Morning Prayer                               11:00am:  Holy Communion


3rd Sunday     9:30am:  Holy Communion                         10:45am: Family Communion                          11:00am:  Morning Prayer

4th Sunday     9:30am:  Morning Prayer                            10:45am:  Morning Prayer                               11:00am:  Holy Communion

                                                                                        4:30pm:  Evensong

5th Sunday                                                                  10:30 Joint Benefice Service

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