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Vicar:                 Revd, Dr. Patricia Jane Lloyd

                            Mob:       07785 752023 

                      Vicarage:       01270 582388


Church wardens: Churchwardens are the Bishop’s officers in a parish. Elected every year at the Meeting of Parishioners, they collaborate with the vicar in leading the parish in its worship, pastoral care and mission, and in the maintenance of the parish church’s buildings and property.


St Matthew's: Alan Wheeler (01270 501450) and Chris Betts (01270 589324)


St Michael's: Ron Taylor (10270 581310) and Nancy Kay (01270 258792)



Licensed Readers: Readers are Licensed Lay Ministers who have the Bishop’s licence to lead worship, preach and participate in mission, evangelism and pastoral care in a parish. We are blessed with three Readers across the joint benefice of St Matthew's and St Michael and All Angels. 


Anne Thompson, Linda Clarke and Ron Taylor. 


Parochial Church Council (PCC) members


St Michael's: Revd, Dr. Patricia Jane Lloyd, Helen Ledward (Secretary), Roy Davies (Treasurer), Ron Taylor (CW & Vice-Chair), Linda Clarke (CW), Anne Thompson (Deanery Rep), Debbie Hollinshead, Jeanette Allman, Barrie Blood, Glyn Robert.


St Matthew's: Revd, Dr. Patricia Jane Lloyd, Arleine Bloor (Vice-Chair), Alan Wheeler (CW), 

Jane McCombie, Anna Betts, David Kerr, Steve Grunner, Joe Philpot, Roger Pierce, Pam Philpot, Barbara Harris, Viv Grunner, Chris Betts (CW & Treasurer)

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